Our workshops inspires creativity, perception expansion, and is intense,  interactive, and fun.  We explore aspects and share ideas on dreams/goals, challenges/fears/limiting believes, and how to master our thoughts and feelings.


Modules for each workshop is facilitated by accredited facilitators, with a passion for learning and teaching, and has been designed to connect to your specific situation, to make you reach within, yet share in the collective knowledge and experience of fellow participants.   

We challenge you to remember that you have a dream, a dream in your heart like a rainbow promise waiting to come true.  We look at the theory behind vision boards, and attraction, sharing ideas, and defining our dreams through creating a vision board, a visual expression of your beautiful dreams, which you will take home as a symbol to remind and motivate you.

Dare to Dream

Every dream comes with a challenge… in this workshop we identify our challenges, understand their origin and what they are trying to teach/tell us. Share ideas, find ways to overcome these challenges, and turn them into strengths.

Between you and your Dreams

Thoughts activate emotion-driven processes within you.  Your thoughts and underlying beliefs that drive them, automatically trigger emotions.  This workshop looks at the origin of our thoughts, the impact they have on our bodies and lives, and if, and how we can change or choose our thoughts. 

Master your Thoughts & Feelings

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